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Since 1977

Some of our clients

AKW Books
Crowley Marine Service
Elma Microtel
Grays Harbor Mission
Lindal Homes
North Coast Electric
Oregon PERS
State of Missouri

Industries Served

Heavy manufacturing
Homeless shelters
Light manufacturing
Light manufacturing
Marine parts
Wireless data     transportation
Wireless Internet

Who Are We?

Viking Waters is a resource for website and documentation services.

We are headquartered in the soggy Pacific Northwest in Elma, Washington (between Olympia and Aberdeen) with clients and associates throughout the United States. When we show up at your front door, just give us a place to drip dry so we don't soak your carpet.

Viking Waters was formed in 1994 by the merger of Valhalla Enterprises, a mainframe software consulting services company formed in 1977, and Waterwalkers, a networking and desktop consultancy.

We maintain a small, highly-qualified staff to provide the personalized services that our clients have come to expect. Our cadre of associates are available to round out project teams and to provide a wider selection of specialized skills.

Our Mission

To be your one stop shop for website development, search engine optimization, and documentation services.

In today's world of technology, new tools and methods are constantly appearing on the scene. Viking Waters recognizes that, in such an environment, most organizations are unable to maintain a staff of IT professionals who "know everything" and can "do anything". Also, there are times when even a well-staffed IT department becomes temporarily overwhelmed with urgent tasks and projects that have to be done "now".

Small businesses often can't afford a full-time computer specialist and need to outsource much of their work.

Viking Waters is here to handle these problems. We serve our clients as a trusted ally, providing the confidentiality and loyalty of a partner with the savings of an outside vendor. We provide top-quality computer-based solutions and services to public and private organizations using courteous, talented professionals.

Corporate Headquarters:
PO Box 1975
Elma, WA 98541

Phone: 253-883-5789



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