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Things to Consider when Creating an Internet Web Site

  • Your Domain Name: One of the important things you have to do is to name your web site. If visitors know your name, the first thing they may try is to enter "" to see if your site pops up.
  • Look and Feel: All pages in your web site should tie together with a common basic layout and color scheme. Hopefully one that will evoke a hoped-for reaction in the mind of the viewer.
  • Readability: Can old eyes see it?
  • Load time: Although high-speed Internet access is becoming more prevalent, most people still use dial-up. If a web page has a lot of large pictures, fancy menus, and other "flashy" stuff, the viewer may become impatient while waiting and vote "no" with a mouse click. (This page is designed to load in 13 seconds for a dial-up connection)
  • Navigation: Visitors to your web site should have no trouble finding the information they are seeking. Consider who will visit your site and what they will be seeking.
  • Presentation: Your message must be clear and easily grasped. If a visitor has to wade through a large amount of rhetoric, s/he may not find your message. Bullet points, short declarative sentences, lists, and such can speak very effectively.
  • Search Engine Results: If someone is trying too find your site on Google, they could encounter a million "hits" for the search phrase they use. If your site doesn't pop up on the first page or two, that person may give up.
  • Being Banned by a Search Engine: Some self-styled Search Engine Optimization firms (and software) use questionable methods to "fool" search engines. If you're caught, you may be blacklisted. Getting back to normal is a nightmare. Others may use techniques that no longer work such as "meta tag" stuffing.

Creating a Web Site - a short course

Custom Web Site Design and Development

Web site Design and Build

Fully customized web sites that fit your needs and goals. Built to your specifications.


Montesano Presbyterian church web site

The Montesano, WA Presbyterian Church had no web site. We worked with the pastor and church leaders to develop, build, and market a custom web site to keep church members informed as well as to market the church to Christians looking for a warm church home.

We maintain their web site on a regular basis to keep it current and fresh.

noWYR web site

When the wireless experts of noWYR wanted to showcase their talents and offerings, Viking Waters worked with their management and staff to  design and develop their custom web site.

They were so happy with the results that when they plunged into the fixed wireless Internet service provider business, they asked us to create that web site as well.

We are an Internet web site builder that offers all levels of web site development:

  • design
  • development
  • maintenance
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • marketing


Call 1-800-838-5958

Improve your standing
in Search Engine Results.
Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Web Hosting
Linux web site hosting

  • 1 GBs total space
  • 50 GB/mo Transfer
  • E-mail accounts. 
    •  Unlimited:
      • POP3/IMAP E-mail Accounts
      • E-mail Aliases
      • Auto responders
      • E-mail Forwarding
      • Mailing Lists
    • SMTP Server
    • Site and User Level Spam Filters
  • PHP4 or 5, SSI, Python, Perl 5
  • MySQL Database

*For our web site customers only.
Price based upon annual payment.

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Domain Name Registration
Register your URL

  • Free Email Forwarding
  • Free Transfer shield New
  • Free URL Forwarding (Pointing)
  • Free URL Masking (Cloaking)
  • Free Domain Parking
  • Free Under Construction Page
  • Free Ownership Change
  • Free Name Server Registration
  • Free Domain Name Lock
  • Free DNS Transfer
  • Free DNS Management
*For our web site customers only




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