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When people come to your meetings, do they say "this is a meeting I never miss" or do they say "this is just another meeting." Maybe a facilitator is the answer.

Read about it.

The advantages and disadvantages of engaging temporary professionals


Temporary Consulting Help

Viking Waters can provide professional short and long term affordable contractor support personnel to help your project and maintenance teams when you need extra people or specialized knowledge.

We can also supply a complete MIS project team to create your new system or upgrade or a virtual assistant who's on call when needed.

Viking Waters has expert consultants with the following:

computer-related skills:

  • Software project management
  • Team leadership
  • System requirement analysis and design
  • Program in COBOL or PL/I (PL/1 PL1 PLI)
  • Microfocus COBOL
  • Maintenance of existing programs or systems
  • DB2 database design program and development
  • Other relational database SQL programming
  • IMS DB hierarchical database (with DLI)
  • VSAM and "Flat File" databases
  • IMS /DC telecom (with DLI)
  • Documentation*
  • Internal and external computer networks*
  • Network administration*
  • Train users in the use of new or existing systems
  • Workstation installation and support*



* Approved for WA State 32100 services

Computer Operating Environments:

  • IBM MVS and System 390 operating system
  • Microsoft Windows operating system


  • Government
  • Accounting
  • Communication (phone company)
  • Home owner insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Heavy and light manufacturing
  • Basic industries
  • Production
  • Inventory management (inventory control)
  • Distribution
  • Aerospace
  • Child support enforcement
  • Configuration management and change control
  • Engineering drawing control
  • Websites
  • Faith-based ministries and missions

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