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Tools & Environments

Operating Systems:

  • MVS operating system
  • OS/390 operating system
  • JCL
  • JES2 and JES3
  • TSO

Programming& Testing:

  • PL/I
  • Expediter

Database Programming:

  • DB2 relational database using SQL
  • SQL databases
  • IMS database with DLI
  • ISAM
  • Flat File databases

Other Mainframe Tools:

  • IMS/DC
  • IMS/TC
  • DLI
  • Excellerator
  • Standards Development
Other tools too numerous to mention. If you don't see it, ask.
Image of IBM mainframe computer courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation. Unauthorized use not permitted.

System Development and Program Consulting Services for IBM OS/MVS Mainframe and IBM System 390 Computer Operating Systems

New Applications

We are committed to creating the finest customized IBM mainframe systems in the industry. We are experts at database design and database development using hierarchical or relational databases such as DB2 and IMS.

Viking Waters will design, create, and install superb new IBM mainframe applications to your order and train your people to use them

We will program all the work for a customized solution directly on your computer system either on-site, via direct phone link, or your VPN.   We have COBOL programmers, PL/I programmers and programmers who know the language of your choice.

All work will conform to your development and documentation standards and will be thoroughly tested.

Customized Reports

Viking Waters will create the exact report you need from your existing mainframe databases.

If you are not sure of what you need, our consulting analysts will talk to your people to find out what will work best to solve your reporting problems and then design it. Then our programers will create the program or programs necessary to create a report to solve your problem.


Most documentation for customized systems is notoriously poor. The average office or factory worker often fails to understand the instructions because they are either written in "computerize" or so poorly organized as to be incomprehensible.

Viking Waters understands the frustration of the user when faced with poorly-written documentation. We pride ourselves on the quality of the documentation we produce. The systems we produce for you will be properly documented, both to your standards and to the requirements of your eventual users.

Our Personnel

Our consultants, programmers, and analysts average over 20 years experience developing quality business solutions on IBM mainframe systems.

We can provide one specialist, a few programmer/analysts, management personnel, or an entire project team.

Changes to Existing Software

Your MIS department's best analysts and programmers are hard at work on the new system that will launch the company into the 21st century. They're up against a deadline and putting in 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

However, your boss needs some major changes to an existing COBOL system that uses DB2 heavily, and a couple of PL/I programs to comply with a new government regulation.

Time to call Viking Waters.

Our people are experts at finding the best way to design and program a change or upgrade existing systems while ignoring the pitfalls.


A project isn't over just because the programs are installed and the documentation is complete. The people who need to use the new system on a day-to-day basis have to be trained in its use.

We don't consider our job complete until your people are comfortably trained to use the new system and its tools.

Viking Waters can also assist you to set up training programs for other systems that you may already have in-house or may have newly acquired.

Viking Waters has consultants who can help use your IBM mainframe as a strategic weapon in today's highly competitive world. We can also help you simplify your life and your systems to make them easier to understand, maintain, and modify.
Mainframe image courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation. Unauthorized use not permitted.


The IBM Mainframe

The IBM "Big Iron" mainframe has been the workhorse of medium to large companies for over 40 years. In that time it has grown in power and capabilities. For many applications, nothing else will do the job.

IBM Supercomputer Project Shows Big Strides In Size and Cost.

It's only the size of a dishwasher, but it's crammed with 1,024 microprocessors, housed in an innovative slanted cabinet and can perform a whopping 2 trillion calculations per second, ranking it as one of the world's fastest supercomputers.


What is a mainframe?

The definition of a "mainframe" has changed over the years.

For a current definition,
click here


From the first tube-driven computers used by the Army in World War II for calculating ballistics to today's integrated circuit machines that run entire companies, the "mainframe" has gone through a large number of changes.

Read More

Sales Tactics

Early computer salesmen had to deal with a clientele that didn't always understand computers. At the same time, competition was fierce. Creative marketing was required to sell a mainframe computer.

Read about it.

Resources is an interesting site devoted to mainframes. It contains links to manuals, downloads, hardware information, tips, definitions, utilities, and other resources. is basically a link page to mainframe, midrange, and legacy information. Their list is very extensive and well catagorized for easy access. Originates in India.

We're all familiar with PKZIP for the desktop. Well, PKWARE has a version for mainframes as well.



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