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Temporary executives to help manage your business VoIP for Business service
Since 1977


Viking Waters executives are available for temporary assignments and fill-in duties.

We are not an employment agency, or a "body shop". We are proud of, and value, our management personnel. Please return them in good condition when they've done their job.

Management Personnel

Temporary managers can get you rolling fast

Do you need an experience executive to help start a new IT department?

How about a manager for a special programing project?

System development team leader?

A consultant?

Did an executive move away or quit?
Did one of your key leaders leave the company?

Viking Waters has a cadre of employees and associates with many years of management and supervisory experience in the data processing field. Some have worked for Fortune 500 companies as well as "entrepreneurial" firms.

We can provide short to long-term executives for your special project or needs.

Short and long term executives

Call 800-838-5958 to discuss your requirements.


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