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Since 1977

Viking Waters is an equal opportunity employer.

We don't discriminate based on sex or sexual orientation, religion, creed, age, nationality, race, physical disability (unless based upon a job qualification), or physical attractiveness. The only thing we're interested in is providing our clients with top quality, courteous professionals.

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* Viking Waters is not currently hiring. *

Are you the best?

If you're the best at what you do and you have a deep and varied resume, you might be what we're looking for.

What we Look For

A typical employee has:

In-depth expert knowledge of several computer-related tools.

Working knowledge in a variety of other computer-related tools.

Experience in dealing with clients and determining their needs.

Ability to design clean, reliable, user-friendly solutions.

A wide exposure to several industries.

A willingness to work at client locations and live away from home when necessary.

Is a self-starter.

What we offer:

A highly flexible package of benefits. You tell us what you want.

Flexible compensation package.

A variety of interesting assignments.

You work with the best.

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