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Installation and Support for Computer and Network Hardware

We offer the following computer and software technical support and maintenance services to small, medium, and large operations. You may engage our technicians on an hourly, per-job, or service contract agreement. Outsource your headaches and give your staff more time to attend to your core business.

Computer Hardware/Software

Set up computer and laptop labs. We can help you set up a computer laboratory for your school, university, business, training, or other operation.Computer server cluster

Desktop and laptop computers: Configure the equipment, install your software, and install them at their work stations.

Replace failing and nonstandard computer equipment.

Maintain your computer hardware and support your operation

Consult with you to make technology buying decisions that get the best hardware and software for your operation. Help plan your future technology requirements as you grow.

Help you to formulate, write, and implement IT policies and guidelines.

Conduct workshops on various computer and software related subjects

Problem solving. What is giving you trouble? We may have a solution.

Install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot Windows NT, 2K, XP, and various software products.

Network Hardware

Help you to formulate, write, and implement IT network policies and guidelines. This is very important. Most successful security violations are the result of "social engineering" attacks against employees who haven't been made aware of proper procedures designed to protect against such insidious methods. A well-written, easily read, network policy manual can go a long way towards stopping problems before they happen.

Set up computer network server centers.

Conduct workshops for network users, administrators, and/or management.Wired and wireless Network diagram

Solve network problems.

Consult with you to make network equipment buying decisions that get the best hardware and software for your operation. Help plan your future network growth requirements

Install and configure local & network printers, printer servers, and other network peripherals including Cisco routers, wireless bridges, and wireless access points.

Establish LAN (local area network) and WAN (wide area network) connectivity and provide cable and wireless management.

Replaced failing and nonstandard network equipment.

Administer permissions of different levels for users to access the servers, connectivity to the Internet, and web based email.


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