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Hosted VoIP for Business Can Save Significantly over in House or Telco Solutions

Small to medium businesses who want a full-featured PBX telephone system that can span continents would do well to investigate hosted VoIP providers.  For someone updating an old PBX or installing their first phone system, the up-front savings can be as high as 70% with on-going savings in the 30% range.  In addition, the host has the responsibility of maintaining and upgrading the PBX and dealing with the interface to the "plain old telephone service".

Advantages of hosted VoIP for businesses and other organizations 

Why VoIP makes sense

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) been around for quite a while. Modern VoIP phone systems can do anything a more expensive "telco" system can do (including handling 911 calls) plus a number of things that telco can't do.

Large companies can afford the experts to "roll their own". However, for small business, hosted VoIP systems allow entry into the game without the hardware and maintenance headaches. The only thing that's required is a high-speed Internet connection and an internal computer network that can handle the added traffic. For installations of up to 10 "seats" at one location, the only expense is for the desktop IP phones and training for your VoIP phone system administrator(s). You can configure your system yourself with just a few clicks on a computer "dashboard" including adding or deleting new seats.

Sound quality is normally as good or better than that offered by the local phone company and the list of features is staggering. Suffice to say, if you've seen the option somewhere, chances are a high-end business VoIP host offers it.

In addition, some VoIP for business hosts, such as WorldSmart, offer computer and video collaboration features not found on any telco system. Small or large businesses with multiple locations love these features.

With all these features, you'd expect to pay dearly for the service, but since the cost of the PBX servers and software are spread over thousands of "seats", the cost is below what you'd pay your local telco for several "lines" coming into your building. Also VoIP hosts purchase long distance time at wholesale and pass the savings on to their subscribers.

With just one included DID (phone number), you can simultaneously make and receive dozens of calls. Business style desktop phone sets cost from $100 to $800 depending upon features. For most people, a $130 phone will do nicely.

Multiple offices, telecommuters, small businesses, and Road Warriors can all look like one big company and calls within the company are free, even from another continent. Call centers love the service

The residential/home office VoIP market is currently flooded with low-end plans that have very attractive prices, but are low on business-grade features.

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