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Provide Business VoIP Phone Service to Road Warriors

Use a "Soft" Phone (or take a desktop phone with you)

Business travelers can plug into a motel or hotel's high speed Internet service, and you may as well be at the office. Your business PBX phone service extension number remains the same. All your calling functions except 911 work the same, no changes thanks to the versatility of VoIP.

For short trips, just add a headset to your laptop case and you have all you need. If you plan to be at one place for an extended period, you can take your VoIP desk phone and set up your temporary remote office with no hassle.

If you still have an VoIP telephone sitting on your office desk, just change your personal routing plan to ring your "traveling" phone instead. The change takes about 10 seconds on your personal WorldSmart™ web page ("dashboard").

Since voice messages are stored in a central location, you can access them from anywhere, even with your cellular phone service. Or have them automatically emailed to you as a sound attachment.

Do you step out of the office a lot on local business?

Instead of constantly changing your VoIP routing plan services, set it up to ring your VoIP desk phone first, then hop to your cellular phone, then your home phone, before going to voice mail. This is called "find me, follow me". Or tell it to ring all the telephones at once.

With a different routing plan, you can route missed calls to the appropriate Internet PBX group to be serviced by another associate.

Great for the small business staff who need to be available no matter where they are.

Office to Hotel - Toll Free

Once an incoming phone call is within your PBX, you can route it anywhere within your Business VoIP phone system with no toll service charges.

Interoffice phone calls are toll free no matter where you travel as long as you can obtain high speed Internet service.

Virtual Meetings

Road Warriors can collaborate while on the road using secure: voice, instant messaging service, whiteboard tools*, file sharing, peek at each other's computer screens*, allow another person to control your computer for training*, and video*.

Set up phone conferences using the collaboration tools.

Run your Office Desktop Computer while on the road

Leave your computer running at the office, enable remote via your WorldSmart "messenger" software, log out of your office "messenger" (it will leave a piece of code in memory) and you can operate your office computer from your notebook computer anywhere via the Internet. Great if you forgot to bring a file with you (or if company rules forbid it).

Don't worry about security. Your link is well encrypted and password protected.

* Not available on Communicator plan

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