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Cost Control for New Offices with VoIP


A typical office has a lot of wire running through it:

  • Power to desks, lights, and machines
  • Telephone wires to each desk, conference room, and other locations
  • Computer cables to each desk, conference room, server center, and so on

Cost saving

When you set up a new office, you have to pay someone to pull and terminate all of this wiring, hopefully in a safe and performance efficient manner (running a telephone line past a florescent light ballast can give you a permanent case of "frying bacon" noises on the line). The cost can be quite high.

With VoIP telephone systems, the telephone wires become unnecessary. Just make sure you have an Ethernet "drop" wherever you want a phone or computer. Only one drop for the typical desktop since most Internet phones have an Ethernet switch built into them so the cable goes to the phone and then to the computer.

No telephone line pulls, no PBX installation (it's already handled by WorldSmart), no telephone wiring closet, and no connection fees from the "phone company".

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