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Advantages for Call Centers
with VoIP for Business PBX Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) of Inbound calls

WorldSmart™ is the perfect VoIP solution for your business call center telephone system needs. You can route inbound calls from VoIP or "regular" phones within your business office or create a virtual VoIP call center with people working in satellite locations or even out of their homes, anywhere in the world. Outbound calls can originate anywhere as well. With VoIP, your phone system costs are the same low rates.

The VoIP call center PBX equipment and technology are all hosted by PanTerra* at their mirrored NOCs.

Flexible Routing Plans

Create call center inbound routing plans based upon skill level, time of day, or geography.  Route inbound calls to whomever has had the least number of calls that day or by the "round robin" method.

Flexible Phone Numbers

You can route a separate inbound phone number (DID), acquired on the fly for temporary or permanent use, directly to an ACD group.

Phone numbers can be added and dropped with just a few mouse clicks on your VoIP monitor's control panel ("dashboard").

Call Queuing

You control the depth of the call center inbound queue. If the queue exceeds your limit, calls go directly to voice mail

Music on hold or record advertising messages such as your latest specials.

Call recording

Automatically play a message that the inbound call may be recorded for review or training purposes.

By setting an option, the monitor or the agent can initiate call recording.

Integrates with SalesForce (CRM)

With SalesForce, your VoIP call center technology software package is complete.

And Outlook

Click to call Outlook integration.

Administrative Oversight

With WorldSmart™ call center monitoring feature, VoIP PBX Administrators can monitor inbound calls on hold, agents logged into the ACD group, and active inbound or outbound calls; even listen in silently. If a supervisor needs to advise an operator, s/he can "whisper" suggestions without being heard by the client. Or if need be, the supervisor can "barge in" to the call and be heard by both parties.

Instant information as to who's calling, how long on hold, how long the active call has lasted, and which queue a call is part of.

This is a great tool for monitoring virtual call centers.

Historical information includes call statistics by agent or by ACD group. Administrators can drill down to the individual call.

* PanTerra was formerly "Pandora"

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