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VoIP Telephone Systems for Business

Unlimited Local & Long Distance US and Canada  
Digital Sound Quality

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Worksmart Element VoIP Telephone Service for large to small business

Stand-alone Phone or Share PBX with Communicator Seat

- Voice Mail - e-mailed to you
- Caller ID
- Call waiting
- Call Routing
- Find me / Follow me
- Forward/Transfer
- 3-way Calling
- Encrypted Instant Messaging

Worksmart Communicator VoIP Telephone Service for large to small business

When You Need a PBX

Element Features plus:
- Hosted PBX
- Live or Auto attendant
- 20-way Voice Conference
- Multiple Simultaneous Conferences
- Get one Communicator package for the PBX then add multiple Element packages.

Worksmart Call Center VoIP Telephone Service for large to small business

All the Features You Need for a Call Center

Smart Suite Features  (except Conferencing) plus:
- Auto Call Distribution
- Logic-based Routing
- ACD Live Monitoring
- Call Queuing
- Music on Hold

Worksmart Collaborator Work Sharing Service for large to small business $39.95
- Web Conferencing
- Data File Transfer
- Desktop sharing
- Whiteboard
- More

Worksmart Executive VoIP Telephone Service for large to small business$69.95
All Features of Communicator and Collaborator

Worksmart Power VoIP Telephone Service for large to small business$109.95
Every Feature We Offer


Internet VoIP Phone Service for Business

  • Web based management
  • Inbound Toll free phone service available

Full Feature comparison list and prices of WorldSmart Internet Phone for business plans


More Information about business VoIP Service

What Customers Say

“WorldSmart services have saved us time and money, and helped us remain competitive in the global market. We have clients all over the world, which require our staff to travel extensively internationally. We exclusively rely on WorldSmart’s full-spectrum of communications services to conduct our daily business, including digital voice services, soft-phone, collaboration, conferencing, IM and inbound ACD. WorldSmart’s new release is even more powerful and flexible with more advanced features and services at the same cost to us. The feature we are most excited about is the enhanced web conferencing. Having web conferencing capabilities fully integrated with other applications allow us to host webinars, reduce our sales travel, and increase our training capabilities." -Cary Sholer, CEO of WaveStrong, Inc.

“WorldSmart has enabled us to start our business with no upfront cost and no maintenance hassles. With PanTerra’s WorldSmart, we are able to rapidly grow our business to respond to our customers and market demands. The new enhanced platform with more advanced features and tools give us a significant competitive edge and opportunity to expand our products and services portfolio.” -Luis Santizo, President of Telcentric


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Not a consumer phone system with business features added.
Worldsmart is an all-in-one business only VoIP phone system
for your organization: small, medium, or large.

Feature Rich Business VoIP Telephone Systems.

  • Check out the comparison list of business system features
  • Keep your present business telephone phone number.
  • One Business VoIP PBX serves your entire small to large business, even  if you have offices throughout the world, as long as they have high-speed Internet service

$ Very low set up Cost.

  • WorldSmart VoIP typically saves 85% over "plain old telephone" business office systems.
  • No expensive telephone PBX to buy. Your I-PBX is hosted at Pan Terra's systems operations center.

$ Low Operational Costs.

  • Easily save 30% over old-fashioned telephone service
  • Small business VoIP Plans start at $59.95 / month for the first seat and $39.95 for each additional seat. Businesses with more requirements have several other telephone plans to choose from.
  • Outbound telephone calls in the United States and Canada are free. "In-system" VoIP calls are free anywhere in the world.
  • Very low international rates.
  • No obsolescence costs. Pan Terra keeps their VoIP systems up to date with the latest features and capabilities.

Reliable "VoIP for Business" Service.

  • Hosted by Pan Terra Networks (formerly "Pandora"), one of the giants in the business VoIP Internet telephone systems industry. Go with experience you can trust.
  • Carrier grade voice quality. WorldSmart VoIP is often cleaner than old-fashioned telephone systems.


  • WorldSmart large to small business VoIP can be set up to encrypt your conversation between your IP telephone handset and their network operations center where it is decrypted and linked into the public telephone network.


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WorldSmart (formerly "Worksmart") is a trademark of Pan Terra Networks, a leading supplier of VoIP service for business. Viking Waters is an authorized WorldSmart VoIP for business partner and we are pleased to offer this premium Business VoIP service.


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