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Management and Consulting Services

Management Services

Computer Department Management

Offload your computer problems entirely. Your business isn't computers. Why should you have to wade through the technical details and problems of computers, networks, and related systems?

Spend your time growing your business and leave the computer problems to an organization that specializes in computers, networks, and the people who make them work.

Viking Waters' Information Systems executives have been involved with computers and systems for decades. We have the background and experience to give you a lean and effective information organization.

If you're just setting up your Information Systems department, we can do it for you. We'll help you decide what you need, hire and train your personnel, and even hire and train our replacement if you want to eventually keep all the work "in house".

For those who don't ever want to deal with computers, networks, and the other technical problems that can bog your management down, we offer long-term relationships that will keep you well served for years to come.

Project Managers

Got a large project and no one to manage it? Outsource it to someone with years of project experience.

Get immediate leadership relief for such projects as: programming, network configurations and reconfigurations, wireless network upgrades, hardware/software upgrades, documentation, manuals, procedures, new hardware or software installation and training, website creation and upgrade.

You hate surprises. So do our project managers. You'll get experienced project managers who will work closely with your organization to make sure that you get exactly what you need. You'll be kept in the loop with regular reports and face-to-face meetings so you'll know exactly what is being done, where the project is, and how well its going.

Team Leaders

A team leader is actually a smaller version of a project manager. The difference is that a team leader is a "hands on" person with the same set of skills and abilities that the members of the team have. The team leader is usually more experienced than the average team member and has some management abilities as well. A good team leader will not only guide the team, but will transfer knowledge to the team members as well.

Come to Viking Waters for team leaders with extensive expertise in programming, network configurations and reconfigurations, wireless network upgrades, hardware/software upgrades, documentation, manuals, procedures, new hardware or software installation and training, website creation and upgrade.


Consulting Services

It would be nice to have in-house experts available for every computer and data processing problem that comes around, but that's impractical and would be very expensive. When you think of venturing into new territory, going outside your organization to get the best advice possible is the most cost-effective thing you can do.

Outside consultants are less expensive for several reasons. You don't have to pay them just to hang around until you need them. The insights they bring to a problem can save you headaches and money that might result from making the wrong choices.

A rent-an-expert brings a broad background of experience from working with a variety of clients. They can bring fresh views to a problem that you might be "to familiar" with. "We've always done it that way" can be a cloying trap that may lead you down the path to mediocrity and possibly the death of your organization.

Not every decision is life and death for a business, but the wrong decision can still cost hundreds of times the few dollars invested in consulting a knowledgeable third party.

You need a trusted ally to help you chart your course through the rough waters of technology. Viking Waters provides the confidentiality and loyalty of a partner with the savings of an outside vendor. We provide expertise in a variety of areas.

"Consultant" is often used to describe "temporary help". Viking Waters can supply you with "temps" for a variety of tasks. See our Temporary Consulting Help section for more information

Areas of Expertise:

Our management, technical experts, and consultants have extensive backgrounds in the following disciplines:


  • Wired and optical fiber data networks: Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks, NT Server, WIN2000 Server, Telecommunications.
  • Wireless networks: Point to point, point to multipoint, WiFi, hotspots, proprietary systems. Systems for buildings, campuses, entire cities, long and short haul relay systems, overcoming terrain and atmospheric problems, crowded frequencies.
  • Caching topologies.
  • Help centers ("help desk")
  • Setting up SONIC (fail-safe) rings

Software Development:

For a complete explanation of the tools our managers and consultants are familiar with, visit our Custom Software Programming and Maintenance page.

Website Development:

Large website projects can involve many different disciplines such as html coders, artists, interfaces with some of your databases, new databases, customer tracking, security, overall design, human engineering, sales and marketing approaches, search engine optimization and promotion, content, links to financial services (credit cards, etc.), quality testing, customer feedback, user tracking. You need someone to guide and coordinate all these disciplines to produce a site that will be an asset to your organization rather than just another expense.

Technical Writing:

Company procedure manuals, program documentation, user manuals, help screens, can all involve small or large teams. Technical writing isn't just putting words on paper, it involves making sure the words and illustrations are useful. The information must be easy to find and in a form that is appropriate.

Everyone is familiar with paper manuals and documents. They've been around for a long time. However, more and more, information is being presented electronically, with internal hot-links and search engines. Often this information is in the form of links into a software product that take the user directly to the information most likely to answer any questions they may have about the operation in progress.

No matter what the form, the team should produce a work that is easy to use and understand while still presenting all the information the reader needs.

Come to us for the leadership you need to guide your documentation project and produce a first-class product.

Computer Hardware Projects

Setting up a computer lab? Upgrading desktop computers? Reconfiguring your network? Moving? Setting up a new office or department? Upgrading to a new operating system? Adding servers, switches, or routers?

It's all labor intensive and requires careful timing and procedures to make sure no information is lost and the impact on the day to day operation of your staff is minimized. Company standards need to be carefully enforced.

Bring us your hardware project management needs for a pain-free operation.


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