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SYSPRO© Services

SYSPRO© (formerly Impact Encore in older versions) accounting system is a complete bookkeeping system. One of its chief features is its flexibility. It was designed to change to conform to the way you do business, rather than requiring you to follow someone else's model.

Viking Waters programmers will work with your accounting or bookkeeping staff to design an upgrade your SYSPRO© system to reflect your business methods and to add the functionality, a new report, or capabilities that your business requires to operate at top efficiency.

Our consultants can help you create a new file to store information that Encore's native files can't handle.

Whichever version of SYSPRO© software you have, Viking Waters can change it to fit your business.


SYSPRO©'s financial modules are equally suited to emerging as well as complex and sophisticated corporate financial accounting. With SYSPRO© financial modules, you have the freedom to manage and control operational constraints at the individual level, while providing group information for budgeting, turnover and profitability assessment. The financial modules are integrated with Syspro's distribution and manufacturing applications.

SYSPRO©'s design allows owners to upgrade or change the product to match the way they do business. SYSPRO© has made it easy to add reports and input screens.

For more information, visit SYSPRO©'s web site.

Viking Waters has no formal relationship with SYSPRO©, however, we do heartily recommend their product.


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